Monday, August 8, 2011

Out with the old, in with the older~

I made a few more changes to my craft space last week.  I had this beautiful oak writing desk in my personal craft-room.  The problem was,  that I couldn't ink, stamp, paint, or do any thing messing on it.  I was so worried about ruining the desk, so I decided to trade it in~    I just started doing business with a new friend of mine and we did some swapping of some money and other furniture and this is what I ended up getting. 

My New-Old Primitive Desk, the drawer inside the desk is huge.
Now I can ink, stamp, paint, whatever & I don't care~

Well you can't get a new desk and then not get a new chair.

My new-old chair is perfect.. I love the high back & that it is black. 
The seat is perfect.  I love espresso & I love burlap~

Well you can't get a new desk & chair without adding
an accessory that will look great next to it.  My new-old
Primitive Cabinet.. perfect for some of my Tim Holtz products.  I wish everything
would fit in one place.  But at least it's unique.

Check out my craft space page for some more photos.  I added a new door and window to my decor
and a few more accessories.  I plan to rearrange my classroom this week.  Don't forget about the scrapbooking challenge, it ends on Saturday.   Thanks for looking at my new old finds~


  1. if you give a mouse a cookie... lol
    love looking at your new old furniture Kimberly!
    really like that burlap chair!!

  2. Lovely. Especially that cabinet.

  3. Love the old/new furniture!! The burlap seat cushion cover is terrific!


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