Sunday, August 21, 2011

Craft Store Classrooms: The Good, The Bad and The Fab :)

by Kim Congdon (Scrap It Girl)

Do you use the classroom at local craft store?  Do you love the space or do you wish they would make a few changes?
Classrooms in craft stores are becoming more and more popular. Not everyone has a craft space in their home, so we look for places to go. Of course going to a crop or taking a class is better when you bring a friend or two :)
Let's take a peak inside a few classrooms. I went to 5 stores in my local area and here is what I found.
Bustripscrap 032
This classroom was a great size and had plenty of space. 

 Crafts 009
This classroom is dark, dingy, and isn't very inviting.

Bustripscrap 091
Beautiful & Huge. I love the hardwood floors, comfy chairs, and I like the layout of the tables.  This classroom has windows that look into the store.  You can easily get around this room and you can spread out.
Bustripscrap 006
This classroom is big but it was full of clutter. Too much product, displays, and tools.  It was hard to feel comfortable in this room. There wasn't enough space to walk around, I felt stuck.

 Blogstuff 003  
Here is a brand new classroom at a Michael's Craft Store. The room is bright, cheerful, and inviting.  However the room was small and the tables are narrow.  I do love the sink, the use of their tools, and the display of ideas.
I currently work in a classroom that needs an update, and I'm excited to be tacking their classroom update for them this fall! While the classroom itself isn't the only consideration for me when planning to attend an event, it's certainly important!
10 Things I Consider When Attending A Class
  1. size of classroom
  2. table space
  3. products on sale
  4. cost of crop/class
  5. location
  6. lighting
  7. food/drink
  8. prizes/drawings
  9. hours of crop
  10. clean & inviting space  
This is the article I wrote as the Junior Editor for PaperCrafter's Corner.  I forgot to post it here for those of you who don't follow PaperCrafter's Corner.  To view that article and post pictures of your favorite store classrooms click  My PaperCrafter's Corner Article

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