Friday, July 22, 2011

Change is GOOD~CHA & News~

Back from CHA.. and finally getting back into work.  I will post a few photos here & there.

I needed a new photo of Tim Holtz & Me.. I was lucky to hang with him, Mario,
Claudine, Wendy, Jenni, and Nancy on my first day at CHA.
I spent most of my days in seminars, meetings, and workshops,  but I did shop too~  I placed orders with 10 manufactures and have accounts set up with over 60 companies.. it was too hard to choose which I wanted to go with so.. I decided to pick all of my favorites!   The first items to arrive will be from Canvas Corp and Buttons etc...   Don't worry I did order from Ranger & Tim Holtz as promised.  For my local crafty friends I will be setting up that long awaited shop right next to
my classroom area.   I started to shop for display items already~

Love her.. I was stalking her this time~  I can't say who it is just yet, since I have a question
on my FB page regarding this photo..  Although my crafty blogging friends will know who this is.
Just like any other business, change is good and bad.  I love change, and I think my changes will be
good ones~    I just don't like all the time and work that goes with it~  I am in the process of making some big changes to my business but it will take a while.  First change will be a new logo, yep finally got someone working on it and I am really excited to have something fresh and new.
I am also moving over to Word press and adding a store to my new site.  WOW that's a lot~ 
~New Site, New Logo, New Store & New Friends~

At CHA this year I met and finally met in person some wonderful people who I know I will be friends with forever~  Susan you are the best... I know we will remain friends, business pals, and garbage collectors~ for a long time~lol                      It's Michelob Ultra time~

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