Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Featured Article & More

This article just came out today!  It was a goal of mine last year to be in the magazine.  The picture was actually taken in December  but it was saved for the February/March magazine.  My color ads promoting my classes and business will start in April.  I have been working really hard to get my name out there and I have new goals in place for this year.. so far so good.  Thank you to my friends that continue to support me, I just had my 3 year anniversary of teaching classes out of my home "classroom".  I am looking forward to my new schedule of classes, new places to be teaching at, and the new Scrapbook stores I'll be writing about soon. 


  1. The magazine article looks brilliant, good luck with all the new classes
    Kevin xx

  2. Congratulations! Very nice photo too.

  3. Congrats! I hope you reach all your goals this year! I've set some myself and hope that this is a great year for us both! Hugs, Leanne

  4. Congrats! You look great in print!
    barb :)


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