Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Scrappin Space in a Magazine~

I totally believe that if you work hard, stay positive and surround yourself with
great people.. great things will happen for you!  I have been working on that since early
this summer.  Staying positive, setting goals, and being myself,  has helped me with my
scrapbooking business.  One of my  goals was to be in a magazine by the end of the year, well
tomorrow the photographer will be here to take pictures of my scrapbooking room and me.. (I don't
like that part) The article will appear in the February/March Magazine.. and yes this time I get a copy!  I'll share more info later.. I was so excited that I had to post about it, thanks to my supportive friends that have
given me that extra confidence that I needed along the way.. and for letting me brag when I wanted too! lol

Well I better get back to cleaning up my room, I will post new pictures later since I moved everything around looks totally different. 


I appreciate the comments, thank you for checking out my site!