Saturday, October 1, 2011


Most of you already know that I have been planning to move from Blogger to WordPress.  Well this is the weekend I make my big move!  I purchased my new land, house, and furniture.... now it's time to move.

I have been going back and forth between my 2 homes for a while now and I am tired, so I am moving the rest of my stuff over today, and hopefully I can say goodbye to Blogger tomorrow.  

The new house is not finished,  I still have some organizing to do.  I also have to unpack what I want to keep and get rid of a few unwanted things.    You will be able to find my new house since I am keeping the same address.   The transfer of land will take place with in a few days.  It's a little hard to find your way around my new place.  But I think with enough visits you will like my new place.   I paid alot more for it, but it is bigger, better, and worth it.     I hope my friends will come visit me at my new place.  I will have monthly giveaways & challenges.  I  am move my etsy shop and my scrap it girl shop over too but that will take a little more time. 

Hope to see you at my new place~
Kimberly .... Scrap It Girl


  1. all the best girlie
    wish you luck

  2. Yeah!! I'm anxious to visit your new blog "home"!! I'm sure it is spectacular!! :)

  3. hi cannot find your wordpress site, can you let us have the extension at the end please? Thanks XOXO Zoe

  4. Be sure and go check out my blog... Just saying....


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