Sunday, June 19, 2011

Think Pink! When in doubt paint it pink!

Here are the photos of my 2 new "PINK" presents.   I wish I would of took a few before and after
photos.  They were really ugly before.  I love how they look like they were always in my room.  The bottom cabinet in this unit has a huge drawer and a huge shelf, perfect for my baskets and supplies for the stores.  I did some rearranging in the room and got rid of more things I didn't need.  Thanks for looking.  I did add new photos to my craft room page. 
My $30 Garage Sale Find.. thanks for my neighbors.
This was yellow and gold... yuck!  I just need to add the other knob.

had to paint my frames the same color pink... now they really pop!
I received 3 of these frames for FREE.. 2 are pink one is vintage white

needed a touch of pink over in this corner, so I painted
my letter "S" the same pink.  My BF and I have that same cabinet so we
are having a painting party this week and will be painting it black! 

My newest cabinet.. $95 antique store.  My chicken wire cabinet..
it was green.. I am still trying to figure out what I will
put in it, that's why it is empty.


  1. Love your craft room photos! I've just moved and lost an awesome single-purpose craft room. Now I have a mish-mosh of organization tucked in here and there between exercise equipment and bare walls. I need inspiration! Thanks for sharing those pix! P.S. I was randomly blog hopping and came across your blog. Its great!

  2. Great storage finds for you! My son is planning to move out in a few months, so I will turn his room into a guest room and will reclaim our guest room for my craft room! I've been browsing and marking my IKEA catalog and know just what I want to set it all up!! I've got lots of cool jars and such to store my buttons, ribbons, trinkets, etc. just need the shelving to set them all on - ha!

    Thanks for sharing photos of your terrific space with us - you're such an inspiration! :)


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