Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Craft Room Updates

I love this view, some of my favorite finds are in that corner.

This is supposed to be my work desk, but I never sit there. 

Tools, Inks, Misc. Items

This is the new setup for the classroom.  I can seat 18 in the classroom
for cards or 9 for scrapbooking classes.  I move the tables as needed.
To view more photos of my scraprooms go here: My Craft Space

I love changing this room around, especially when I find new things to add to the space.  I just had a Scrapbooking Garage sale and got rid of a ton of products, tools, and supplies... now I have more room for some new items.


  1. Oh wooow it's a dream!! I have only a round table in the middle of the room and three shelves with my tools... oooh ufff!! However, your craftroom is really good and big!



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