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Let's Talk Copic Certification Classes~

If you are a scrapbooker, card maker, or a paper crafter of any kind I am sure you have heard of  Copic Markers  by now...right?  If you haven't...where have you been?  No worries, I'll leave you plenty of links so you can find out everything you need to know about Copic Markers .
The certification class is available for teachers, store owners/employees, and designers who will teach and share with their classes, stores, workshops, and designs/blogs.  The classes will open to the public if there is room.
On March 25th,  I  took my 2nd Copic Certification class since it was only an hour away in Brookfield Wisconsin.   I was pleased to have Debbie Olson instruct our class.  Debbie  did a wonderful job & I picked up more techniques this time around.   I have also had  Lori Craig  as an instructor and she also did a wonderful job, but I was just too excited about CHA so I missed a few key points.  Why would I take the class a 2nd time you ask?  One reason is that it was so close how could I not?   My other reasons for retaking the class are that the price of a 2nd class is great,  I love to learn as much as I can about a product, I enjoy taking classes,  and like most of you already know from experience, each class and teacher are different.
March2011 079
Here is a view of our classroom.  There were 22 of us in class, 
3 were taking it for a 2nd time.

 I asked a few of the ladies in my class why they took the class.  Here are some of the answers.   A couple wanted  to try something new, one just heard of them and wanted to find out what the "big deal" was.  A few were store owners or store employees and are interested in purchasing them for their stores, we even had a few instructors and a few that just love coloring with copics.  We also had a few die hard bloggers or design team members who like to participate in challenges.  So as you can see everyone has a reason as to why they want to be copic certified, not everyone does it so they can become an instructor.  You can take the class, get certified and do nothing with it or you can display your badge proudly and show us all of your wonderful "copic" colored images.

 I was happy to find my friend Gail in the class, she is a natural when it comes to coloring and her work is beautiful!   Gail is also a big time stalker fan of Debbie's and she was not going to miss this opportunity to take a class with her.   I could learn a few things from Gail!  (hint, hint)

March2011 082
Debbie Olson & Gail
While I was in class after my 4th cup of coffee, I was curious to know how many other "copic fans" are there in Wisconsin.  By fans, I mean how many of us have taken a copic certification class?  Nancy Zenke the Certification Coordinator from copic was able to get me some info.. thanks Nancy..  So far 183 people are certified in Wisconsin, that live in Wisconsin.  Another 104 people came to Wisconsin to get certified. (Michigan/Illinois)

Copic Instructors have taught classes  in Eau Claire, Green Bay and Milwaukee(twice) so far.   I bet you're hoping they get to your city!  Keep checking their site for upcoming locations.  I drove an hour each time for my class and I probably would of drove 2 hours.. the money, experience  and drive are well worth it!  Click this for  Upcoming Classes

I have also talked to many copic certified bloggers as to what the whole "certification" means to them.. and I received many responses.  Some bloggers are teaching  copic classes, a few just wanted to learn more techniques, a few are on design teams for digital stamp companies and that is their "coloring tool" of choice.  There were even a few that just love to take classes and when they saw a class in their city they took it.. nothing wrong with that.  Just like the store owners, employees, instructors, and design team members, we all just want to learn more about Copics.

My final copic thing to talk about is the  Blinkie, Badge or Button, whatever you prefer to call it.   I am sure if you are a blogger you have seen this Copic Certified Designer badge everywhere.  Well it means the same thing where ever you see it.  They took a class and they are now "Copic Certified Designers" at least that is what our certificate and badge say.  It does not mean that they are claiming to be an expert nor does it mean they are the most experienced copic designer around.  When you pay to get certified it's one of those things that comes with the cost of the class, along with your book, markers, certificate and the knowledge you now carry.   A few die hard bloggers love the blinkies and can't wait to add it to their blog.  A few just add it because they plan to teach and it's a easy way to be spotted as a teacher, others like me.. say "Hey I earned it,  I paid for the class I am going to show it off!    Blinkies are meant to be displayed and bloggers are proud of them~  I am sure if you take the class you would be proud to show off your badge too!
Here are a few links:   Copic Certification Applications    Copic Products    Tips & Techniques
March2011 083
Debbie Olson our Copic Instructor & Me (Scrap It Girl)
For those of you thinking about taking the copic certification class, I can say I am glad I took the class, not once but twice.  It is a great class.  If you decide it is not for you, not a problem there are plenty of sites out there sharing tips and techniques.  I have also seen crafters who do such beautiful work with the copics and they are self taught.  You don't need to be certified to use the markers you just need to have room for them since there is now 346 colors.
Well after talking about Copics so much, it's time for me to go practice~

Kimberly, Scrap It Girl
Editor, Wisconsin
PaperCrafter's Corner


  1. Interesting as always Kimberly. reading yoru blogs and seeing your pages keeps me excited for the day that I will have time to unearth my supplies and start again : )


  2. smile in your pic got a blinkie!

  3. I have a few markers, some chalks and plenty of inks. But I don't have even ONE copic marker I literally DROOL over creations I see using them here on the web. My goal for 2011 is to find a class somewhere close (Omaha, NE) and learn how to create art with Copics! Loved your article!

  4. I want to take a coloring class, but I am not sure that I want too start collecting Copics. I think that will finish my scrapbooking budget! LOL
    BTW, we are neighbors! Well, almost :) I am 30 minutes north of Milwaukee.

  5. Hey, that's me in the coral sweater and blonde hair! I never put two and two together when we were introducing ourselves!

    BTW, you're right about Debbie, she is AMAZING!



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