Thursday, April 14, 2011

Craft-Room for my Girls!

Walls Before
Play-room Before
After one of my daughters accidentally spilled red acrylic paint on my new carpet in my classroom, we decided they needed their own craft room.  So we turned their small play room into an extension of my craft space.   Here are 2 pictures of the playroom as I started to empty it out, it was full of toys.  The room is still missing a few more decorative items which we should get in a week or two.  We ordered a set of the Martha Stewart Pom Poms, just like the ones I have in my craft room.   My new friend "Dom" painted this room Martha Stewart's  Sugared Pansy Pink  the color is so sweet.  I  love it~  Check out my after photos.. if you want Dom to come paint for you, email me & I'll give you his number.  He painted a few other things for me too.  Did a great job!  Thanks Dom & Katie! 
When Dom went to lunch I painted their
chalkboard to match the walls.
Cutting Center: Cricut, Trimmer,
Sizzix & Cuttlebug

Tool Station:  markers, flowers,
scissors, glue, buttons, ribbons & stencils.

I kept this shelf in the room for some of
their scrapbooking paper, albums, and other
toys & craft supplies.  The wall unit is
where they can display their finished scrapbook pages.

It's a small room, but it's perfect for the two of them.  They each have
a place to sit and craft or do their homework.  They can also see into my craft room since there isn't a door.  Thanks for
looking at their mini craft room! 

This is the view looking into their room from
my class room area. 


  1. It's really great your daughters have their own craft room. It looks fantastic!

  2. how very cute, what lucky girls they are. Hugs lin

  3. Looks awesome! Such a great idea!


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