Sunday, July 25, 2010

Copic Certification Class Tomorrow

Finally... after wanting to take this class for so long the day has finally came.  Tomorrow my friend Cheryl and I get our certification.  We will be the only ones certified in our city.  I already have a few areas booked as to where I will eventually teach classes.  That's after I get more practice in and know exactly what I am doing.  I am guessing sometime in October, I'll be teaching at Hobby Lobby and our Local Museum.

After our class we are off to a reception at the CHA where we will be enjoying a cocktail or two, eating, and hanging with many familiar names and faces.  I may be speechless during this time, just trying to figure out who is who.  I am sure Cheryl will know many since she is a member of many design teams and guest designs on blogs.  Oh yeah, check out her blog. Cheryl's Blog you may already be a member, if not be sure to add yourself to her blog.  She is very talented and her cards are beautiful.

Tuesday there are 5 of us leaving for the day at CHA... 4 wonderful women are joining me for the day.  I wanted to share this great experience with women who I truly appreciate having in my life, they also are friends of mine through and through.  I can't wait to get some pictures of us this week. 

Well I have a hair and nail appointment I gotta get ready for.


  1. I am excited for you and glad you can do this. Hope you and Cheryl have a great class.
    Glad you can also have friends join you during the week and share the fun.
    Shine baby shine this is your time!!!


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